Halogen heaters usually comprise tungsten filaments in heat-resistant quartz envelopes, mounted in front of a metal reflector in a plastic case. Retrieved from “http://wiki.diyfaq.org.uk/index.php?title=Electric_heating” The word “halogen” is from Greek words meaning “salt” and “maker.” Every type of salt contains a halogen, as common table salt (sodium chloride) contains chlorine. *****2nd. An infrared heater is a body with a higher temperature which transfers energy to a body. ShopWiki has 418 results for Halogen Heaters, including Halogen Heaters 1600W Oscillating Halogen Heater, 800w Waterproof Quartz Halogen Heaters, Halogen & Patio Heaters.

A halogen heater is a light, portable heater used to provide warmth in an enclosed area. I forgot that the halogen heaters give out infra red heat. ShopWiki has 414 results for HALOGEN HEATER, including Oscillating Halogen Heater, 800W Halogen Heater, Instant Halogen Heater, and Igenix 1.2kW White Halogen Heater Halogen heaters produce the highest percentage of radiated heat.
Most halogen heaters come equipped with

They operate much like halogen light
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